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Industrial Controls

Our company specializes in providing industrial solutions tailored to specific sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, energy, electronic, pharmaceuticals and many more. With deep industry knowledge and expertise, we deliver specialized services and products that address the unique challenges and requirements of each sector. Our industrial specialization ensures that our clients receive customized solutions that optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and drive business success in their respective industries.

The best Industry-specific solution


Advanced technologies and tailored systems that enhance crop yields, setting new standards for productivity.


We enhance quality control, and improve efficiency through advanced robotics, intelligent assembly lines.

Can Making

We optimize can-making manufacturing with high-speed double sheet detection and automated control systems.

Electrical & Electronic

Innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, safety in electronic components, and manufacturing processes.

Food & Packaging

Specifically designed for the unique needs of the  industry, ensuring hygienic, and efficient production processes.

Water Treatment

Advanced solutions provides an effective and sustainable approach to purifying and ensuring the quality of water.

Rubber & Tire

Our products are specifically designed to meet the demands, enabling enhanced efficiency, precision, and performance.

Plating & Metal

We combines advanced technologies and expertise to deliver high-quality plating processes.

Textile Garment

Extensive range of products, including Precision Rolls, Tooling, Winding, Guiding, Slitting, Twisting, and Tension Control.

Widest Range of Industrial Applications

Our extensive product portfolio caters to diverse industrial fields, providing a wide range of solutions that meet the specific requirements of various industries.

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Kenda Tire Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Tire / 2020 / Đồng Nai


Crown Hà Nội

Can-Making / 2019 / Hà Nội

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